Recruitment information

Recruitment information

What we need is people who can learn on their own and truly enjoy their work

From IT to real estate to overseas business, the PNH Group has a wide variety of jobs.
Your individuality will surely come in handy in your work at PNH Group.

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    Enjoy work
    attractiveness to work01 enjoy work

    It is a workplace where you can enjoy what you are good at as work. Since it is a job, there are many times when we hit a wall, but we are looking for people who can enjoy their work by overcoming difficulties and turning the sense of accomplishment of their work into joy. You can improve yourself while enjoying your work with like-minded colleagues.

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    A free company that values autonomy
    attractiveness to work02 A free company that values autonomy

    Our company has a culture that emphasizes autonomy, so you can not only do the work you are given, but also challenge yourself to what you want to do. You can experience the joy of creating something that didn't exist yesterday in a homely workplace where you can freely give shape to your ideas.

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    Comprehensive welfare program
    attractiveness to work03 Comprehensive welfare program

    We provide rent subsidies for those who work for us from afar when renting real estate near the company. In addition, we provide a comfortable working environment that enriches your life, such as providing healthy, pesticide-free lunch at a reasonable price and free unlimited visits to the group's esthetic salons. We value the work-life balance of our staff, so we encourage them to take paid leave and support the realization of a healthy and fulfilling work style.

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