With IT development in Vietnam and Japanese management, we can cut costs while providing the best service to you. With IT development in Vietnam and Japanese management, we can cut costs while providing the best service to you.

Compared to developing in your country Cost savings of over 30% on average!

At our company, our Japanese staff will be in charge of the customer contact, and we will proceed with the project with the bridge SE in Vietnam.
In Vietnam, there are staff who are well versed in Japanese and have N1 qualifications, and they are excellent at responding to the development of systems rooted in Japanese corporate culture while maintaining smooth communication between Japan and Vietnam. We have technical strength.

high-quality development support.

Low-cost & High-quality

Compared to developing in your country Cost savings of over 30% on average!

* It is possible to reduce costs by 30% or more depending on the scale of development.

PNH Co., Ltd. is a company established in 2000 and headquartered in Nishi Ward, Niigata City. As a holding company with group companies in multiple fields, including the Vietnamese subsidiary Belleza Vietnam, we strongly support the promotion of digitalization for our customers.
In addition to web production and system development by each group company according to their respective fields of expertise, screen design and front-end/back-end development are carried out separately for medium-sized and larger systems. Our strength is that we can solve the customer's system software needs with our comprehensive strengths. Another point is that it is possible to flexibly select cases where all processes of development projects are developed in Japan and cases where development is done overseas while keeping costs down.
In offshore development, a Japanese SE stationed in Japan will be in charge of the customer contact, so you can make a request with confidence.

Low-cost, high-quality development support
You can flexibly choose a development system according to your needs, such as contracted development or laboratory development.

Two types of flexible development systems tailored to the customer.

Development System

The optimum development system differs depending on the purpose and characteristics of the project. For those who are considering offshore development, it is necessary to select the characteristics of the outsourced type / laboratory type and the project case that matches them. Both development systems have the right person in the right place. It is important to adapt and implement it to suit your project.
If you don't know which one is right for you, don't worry, we will advise you on the best way.
Please consult PNH Co., Ltd. for anything related to offshore development.
We have the technical and communication skills to flexibly respond to the development of systems rooted in Japanese corporate culture, and the entire group will provide full support.

1Entrusted development

Entrusted development with guaranteed quality and delivery is suitable for short-term projects with clear goals and one-off projects that end when the deliverables are completed.

  • Clear requirements
    and specifications.

    Clear requirementsand specifications.
  • Want to
    a single order.

    want to a single order.
  • Want to shorten
    the development time.

    Want to shorten the development time.

2Lab type development

Lab-type development, which is flexible to change specifications and add functions, works continuously with a dedicated team.

  • Detailed
    specifications undecided.

    Detailed specifications undecided.
  • Secure short-term
    human resources.

    Secure short-term human resources.
  • Want to reduce the
    labor cost of engineers.

    Want to reduce the labor cost of engineers.

Numerous experiences and development achievements

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Development results

  • Entrusted development Online contact network system for schools

    Online contact network system for schools

    We have developed an online mail delivery system for educational institutions such as schools that realizes efficient and smooth communication to parents.
    You can freely set delivery destinations such as grades, classes, parents of specific children, etc., and you can deliver according to your purpose.
    In addition, as long as you have an internet connection, you can also stream from a tablet or smartphone, so you can use it when you are away from club activities or in an emergency such as a disaster.
    In addition, it is a tool packed with various functions for smooth communication between schools and parents, such as distribution and aggregation functions for questionnaires and absence notification to schools.

  • Entrusted development Online photo sales system for schools

    Online photo sales system for schools

    We have developed a system for selling photos and videos taken at school events and events online.
    By registering an account, users can view photos on the site and easily purchase them with advance payment.
    During the photo sales period, you can purchase as many times as you like at any time or place, so even busy parents can quickly purchase in their spare time.

  • Entrusted development Bread home delivery management system for corporations

    Bread home delivery management system for corporations

    We have developed a bread delivery management system as a service for corporations.
    By registering in the system as a legal entity, any desired employee can create an individual account on the system and order bread freely.
    The delivery address will be delivered all at once to the address of the registered corporation, so you can eat your special bread while staying in the office, such as for lunch or when you are a little hungry.
    Payment can be made in advance by credit card, PayPay, etc., so there is no need for troublesome payments on the day.

  • Entrusted development Business management and sales analysis system for esthetic salons

    Business management/sales analysis system for esthetic salons

    We have developed a system that enables various types of management and analysis, such as order management, customer management, and sales management, for beauty salons that operate multiple stores.
    Basic business management such as customer management and sales management can be performed for each store.In addition, the business management data and image information of each store are shared with the headquarters, and the headquarters collectively manages them, resulting in overall business efficiency.
    Sales can be aggregated and analyzed under various conditions, such as by person in charge, by treatment, by day of the week, by period, etc., so it can be used as an index for appropriate management strategies.

  • Entrusted development Work-related document creation tool for PTA

    Work-related document creation tool for PTA

    We have developed a tool for creating materials necessary for PTA work related to school staff and PTA officers.
    You can create various documents such as business plans smoothly and easily online.
    After creating documents on the system, users can upload and share them, eliminating the need to check with the staff in charge, which previously required direct visits to the school, and improved work efficiency.
    The system can be used step-by-step with the mutual approval of the PTA and school staff to prepare each document, so it is possible to create the materials and documents necessary for a series of business plans without any defects.

  • Entrusted development Construction progress/ledger management system

    Construction progress/ledger management system

    We developed various data management and construction ledger management systems such as order management and work progress management for building painting companies.
    In addition to being able to manage outsourcing relationships such as subcontracting and secondary subcontracting, this system also aggregates various data related to construction and enables centralized management of each management operation from order receipt to completion of construction, improving work efficiency.
    The progress of construction work, billing status, collection status of accounts receivable, etc. can be shared in the same system, so the work status can be grasped throughout the company.

  • Entrusted development Diving equipment rental reservation system

    Diving equipment rental reservation system

    We have developed a rental reservation system for diving equipment.
    By entering your height, weight, foot size, etc. at the time of reservation, the size of the equipment necessary for diving is automatically selected, so even beginner divers without specialized knowledge can easily rent the necessary equipment in the appropriate size.
    Group reservations are also available, and friends and couples can make reservations together.
    The inventory management function is equipped with an automatic setting function for the maintenance period necessary for equipment maintenance management, enabling proper inventory management of equipment.

  • Entrusted development Diving equipment rental reservation system

    Online reading club management system with EC functionality

    We have developed an online book club system with EC functionality.
    Users can enjoy various services such as participating in online book clubs and purchasing books by registering as members.
    The online book clubs are integrated with Zoom, allowing administrators to freely create and schedule club sessions from the management interface.
    The management interface facilitates a wide range of tasks, including customer information management, inventory and order management, as well as overseeing subscription-based online book clubs.
    This system enables end-to-end management from product sales to subscription administration.
    WEBsight : https://suiseibookclub.com/

Wide range of development languages

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